Local Mover in Malaysia

Local Mover in Malaysia

When moving locally within Malaysia, it is important that you select a reliable, professional moving companies with comprehensive services.

As a moving company in Malaysia, we have been Malaysia’s most popular moving company for a long time. Whether a move to your new place, home or an office in Malaysia, our team makes the move more stress-free.

When you want to move within Malaysia, finding an expert who has helped thousands of people move and trust their services with ease and comfort can help reduce stress.

That’s what the experts at housemoversmalaysia.com do best. Our experienced local moving professionals handle different aspects of your move to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new location in Malaysia.

Why you need to choose our local mover service?

We offer experts for moving houses and apartments

Alpha local movers in Malaysia are experts in moving your properties into your home. Large furniture (including pianos) are no problem for our team of experts.

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Even if you plan on moving in a few months, the better you plan your move day on time, the better. Our team of movers specialists will help you move stress-free

Free movement planner

Are you ready to plan your move? we can provide these handy checklists to get you started:

  •         Checklist for planning before moving
  •         Checklist for the planning of the move day
  •         Checklist for the planning after the move


Our company has existed for several years. We know all routes and have all the skills required for a qualified move.


If you need a qualified local mover for your job, you are looking for an experienced and understanding moving company, trust us at Alpha local movers.


Each of our employees is specially trained before they can work with the first customers.

 Individual approach

We approach each and every one of our customers individually, every person with different needs and every step with different approach.

What we offer for your local move in Malaysia

We offer to pack and unpack your loads

We offer homeowners and companies complete and partial services. Our rate also ranges based on size, quantity, and fragility.

Storage space

At Alpha local Movers we ensure that your move is always safe and stored properly should in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can store your belongings and furniture in our first-class storage rooms.


Where there is a move, there is a package. Where there are packaging, there is necessarily waste. Who has time to arrange garbage removal in a move? Alpha local Movers makes it easy for you by making sure you get rid of disposals whether its small garbage or furniture to dispose of, we’re here to help you.

We offer home moving

We offer the best local home moving service. With years of experience in local moving, we are informed of best practices to ensure the safety of your belongings.

We make sure each of your items is well padded before we load it into our 26-foot moving van. Our relocation teams are licensed, liable and insured to ensure safety.

Office moving

Do you want to move your office from one place to another within Malaysia? We got you covered, we are professional and always ready to help you move your office to your next location with our expert moving services. We also work on your preferred schedule so as to avoid affecting your normal working hours, this will help you to do what you do without being left behind.

Apartment moving

The move of an apartment can be difficult, but we are more than willing to deal with heavy loads, we have years of experience in moving your properties from one apartment to the other in safe and proper condition till it gets to the final destination.

Whether you stay at the top level of an apartment, we ensure that your items are transported safely without damaging your property or your home.

Pick up and deliver

If you’ve recently bought a new piece of furniture or a larger device and do not know how to bring it home, we can arrange the collection, loading and unloading of the heavy object directly to your doorstep.


From the moment you get in touch with us to the aftercare of the move, we help you with every step of your move. Whether you are on the road or around the world, we are there for you. Creating a personalized moving plan for your move by using high-quality packaging material, storage facilities and a large fleet of moving vehicles, we provide reliable protection and competitive transportation with simple insurance at an affordable price, contact us today and you would never regret doing business with us.