Lorry Crane Rental Service in Malaysia

Lorry Crane Rental Service in Malaysia

Lorry cranes are particularly suitable for lifting and pulling heavy loads such as container, transformer, sheet steel, etc. Overall, the versatility and mobility of the truck crane is a two-in-one service that can save time and increase the efficiency of the design.

We are your no.1 source for heavy machinery and world-class construction equipment in Malaysia. We provide efficient equipment rental solutions for a variety of industries at very competitive prices.

The company’s trucking fleet is flexible, can be rented by our customers and can be adapted to your lifting and transport needs, such as: In the construction industry.

Why bother purchasing your own crane truck for your business when you can hire the crane truck type you need with professional advice?

Our main offer of reliable lorry cranes generally includes three categories which are: small and light cranes, medium cranes and large capacity cranes. The other cranes available for rental include:

  •         Truck cranes of 3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 20 tons to 32 tons
  •         Mobile crane with side function
  •         Mobile crane with back function
  •         Mobile cranes
  •         Cranes for off-road vehicles
  •         Air cranes for trucks/trucks
  •         Truck crane with sky lift – to reach the high ground
  •         Waterproof truck cranes with hard aluminum cover protect your items from rain
  •         Truck cranes with hydraulic tailgate for easy loading and unloading of objects
  •         Truck cranes equipped with tarpaulins to protect the transport of goods or products
  •         Boom cranes with articulated joints
  •         Crawler cranes

If you rent a crane truck with our means of transport, we save our customers the costs and the work required to maintain a purchased lorry crane.

Choose the best lorry crane type with different functions, tonnage, and size to fulfill your task, whether you are moving a heavy machine or delicate items. We also have experienced and safe truck drivers and professional truck drivers who are able to efficiently manage our trucking fleet.

High-quality truck rental cranes in Malaysia

If you work in construction and landscaping in Malaysia, you might be looking for a way to make your business easier. You may have already considered buying large equipment such as lorry cranes. But how about telling you that there is a better way than spending huge sums to buy a lorry crane.

Our low-capacity lorry cranes include an 8- and 10-ton lorry crane. These cranes may be smaller and lighter, but they can easily perform a variety of demanding tasks. These cranes have a lifting capacity of 4.5 or 8 tons. They can be used to lift and move various types of goods and to hold objects in use. In addition, they can transport and store goods weighing 8 or 10 tons.

Our team also offers a 15-ton truck crane with medium capacity for heavy-duty services. These cranes are capable of lifting loads of up to 10 tonnes, allowing greater working flexibility than our small truck cranes. This crane is ideal for those who need to lift loads at a higher elevation, as it is equipped with a longer boom of 14 meters. Although it has a larger load capacity at 12 tonnes, it shares a cargo space similar to that of the 10-tonne crane truck and measures 25 by 8 feet.

Why Choose Us For Your Lorry Crane Rental Service in Malaysia?

Experts in the rental of mobile cranes

Whether you are looking for mobile crane rental in Shah Alam or KL, or anywhere else in Malaysia our crane professionals are happy to help.

The flexibility of the rental conditions

As a mobile crane company in Malaysia, we anticipate your rental needs. That’s why we offer short and long-term rentals for all our mobile cranes.

Affordable prices

Take advantage of our price friendly mobile rental rates in Malaysia.


At housemoversmalaysia.com, we provide the solution to your road construction machinery needs, knowing how important it is to ensure availability and protect the value of your equipment. The result is of providing tailor-made lorry cranes with optimum loading capacities and holds for every location needed. Lorry cranes are particularly suitable for lifting and pulling heavy loads such as cabins or containers, transformers, steel plates, etc.

With lorry cranes, you can load and unload materials without additional equipment. They are fast and can help improve your business. In addition, they can perform a variety of lifting, maneuvering and handling tasks. We help you define your needs and configure a crane truck that is tailored to your needs to give you maximum flexibility.

We are an experienced and reliable service provider of lorry cranes in Malaysia. We have been supplying excellent machines in the industry for years. If you want to rent your own lorry crane or need professional advice on how to go about it, just give us a call and we would be glad to help.