Low Loader Trailer Rental in Malaysia

Low Loader Trailer Rental in Malaysia

When you decide to transport cranes, forklifts from one location to another it can be challenging. But with the introduction of low loader trailer rental transporting of these heavy machines is now easy.

Low loader trailers are semi-trailers that are always rented by people or companies that carry out construction work to move heavy equipment such as bulldozers, industrial equipment, etc. A low loader trailer is a very useful trailer for transporting equipment in the construction industry. If you want to rent a low loader for your construction projects in Malaysia, consider housemoversmalaysia.com.

We offer low loader rental and other services, we also offer high-quality brands of low loader trailer that suits your desired needs at a friendly price.

Regardless of the size of your cargo, we can help you with transport. Oversized goods are transported in accordance with all safety standards. Oversized cargo handling operations are carried out by specialized vehicles.

Low loader types

The low loader trailer in contrast to other normal trailers a bridge height of 2 slopes, one drop is directly in front of the wheels, the other drop is behind the gooseneck. This makes the trailer bridge extremely low compared to other normal trailers. The low deck offers the flexibility to carry higher loads than other trailers. Safety also has another advantage because of the lower center of gravity, which is the main concern of good transportation.

Extendible trailer

Extendible platform trailer with up to three times the loading length for the transport of the longest loads. All axles are hydraulic and remote-controlled, so this long trailer remains handy

Step trailer

A simple retractable step trailer or a multi-axle trailer with hydraulic steering for heavy and long machines and constructions. The step trailer is ideal for a variety of loads, high, heavy and long.

Fixed neck

With this type of low loader, the neck is attached to the trailer. It is very light, but cannot be detached and charged on the front.

Solid gooseneck

Provides a longer length with respect to the bridge. These semi-trailers are much lower and have low profile tires. The way the neck is bent acts like a ruffle when lowered so that the machine’s front tires can be loaded onto the deck.

Hydraulically removable gooseneck

These are very low loaders, and the gooseneck can be easily removed with a large hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers the trailer. However, the easily removable gooseneck affects both the length of the platform and the weight.

Mechanically removable gooseneck

The whole opposite of the hydraulically removable gooseneck; does not allow quick and easy detachment. Have a longer bridge and are used for very long transports.

The reason why most people choose us is that it is profitable, repairs and maintenance of these loaders are the responsibility of our company. Road builders and contractors, as well as other people involved in the construction or any other heavy-duty job, use different types of low loaders to transport their equipment, depending on the type of transport to be carried out.

The Benefits of a Low Loader Rental in Malaysia

When can renting be a good decision when choosing between buying and renting? Some of the reasons to rent are:

Manageability of the expenses

Whether you’re renting a low loader in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur, this may be more workable than buying a new one at a time.

We offer free maintenance

We ensure that your rented low loader trailer has been properly checked and maintained before delivery and use. If you have problems with expensive maintenance routines, you can avoid this task by renting a low loader.

No permanent storage required

After all, you no longer have to worry about storing your low loader for weeks or months without using it. The rental service provider can store on non-working days.


The use of low loaders for your construction has many advantages, especially if different work is done in different locations. You can easily use low loaders to transport your equipment from one location to another. And you do not even need a low-loader driver, the rental provider takes care of everything. All our drivers are experienced drivers and know the best handling methods for low loader trailers, being careful not to damage the transport.

Do not settle for less if you want to rent a low loader. Do not hesitate to contact us today, also you can send us a message, request a free quote, start today and let us make you happy.