Truck Service in Malaysia

Truck Service in Malaysia

If you want complete control over moving a home or office, renting a truck is one of the best ways to do it. Truck service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, gives you the quality and flexibility you need without the huge relocation costs.

We offer a truck service in Kuala Lumpur and many other regions of Malaysia. As a reliable mover, we strive to simplify your move experience over short or long hauls. By getting access to the best moving companies in Malaysia at affordable rates for leasing trucks in Malaysia, our solutions are tailored to your relocation needs every time.

Our basic offer is an unprecedented truck service. We also provide the services of truck logistics management, warehousing, and storage of trailer rentals, we are also proud of the long relationships we have built with our employees. With a retention rate above the national average, our drivers benefit from numerous benefits that help them achieve a good work-life balance while offering unlimited earning potential.

Things to consider before using a Malaysian truck rental service

Various trucks are ideal for a variety of relocation operations. Regardless of whether you move or even move to the office, the right truck makes your job easier.

Before deciding on a truck service in Malaysia, consider the following:


Trucks are often available in different sizes. Make sure that you have rated your property before making a selection. Maybe a small vehicle like a van is better? If you need a larger vehicle, you can opt for truck services like a 1-tonne truck to cater for your large property.

Move attachments

What types of attachments does the truck have? If you specifically need a tailgate, is the truck equipped? Does the truck also have enough padding for a possible and unforeseen impact? Ask these important questions first to your truck service mover.

Updates / Limits / Inclusions

What is included in the truck rental? Does this include, for example, gasoline up to a certain mileage? You may also need movers and packers with a real truck. Can the company offer you all this?

Rent a fleet of commercial vehicles in the valley of Klang and Kuala Lumpur

Our professional truck and truck rental services in Malaysia rent out trucks to homeowners, business owners, hotels, florists, caterers, and food production companies. Among Lorries and trucks, our rental services for trucks in Malaysia are:

1-tonne box truck

We deliver and lease in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor and other parts of Malaysia in 1-tonne high-performance light trucks, which are ideal for transporting and delivering small bulk materials of residential and commercial trains. Our 1-ton vans are often hired by homeowners and business owners who wanted to relocate their properties to their new premises in Malaysia.

3-tonne box truck

We deliver and lease sustainable 3-tonne trucks throughout Malaysia, mainly near Kuala Lumpur in Klang Valley. , Our 3-tonne box trucks are typically selected by moving companies and services that want to provide their customers with their home and business relocation skills.

5-tonne box truck

In Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor and other parts of Malaysia, we offer the rental of trucks with a capacity of 5 tonnes of bulk goods. Our 5-tonne vans are mainly rented by factories, warehouses, retailers and large corporations who want to move their offices to another location and deliver their bulk goods over long distances.

Refrigerated trucks

We provide economical and cost-effective refrigerated vehicles throughout Malaysia, which are available in various sizes and capacities for the supply of medium and heavy commercial and industrial refrigerated products. Our refrigerated trucks are often rented by frozen food and confectionery retailers because they are available in different capacities to meet your needs.


Regardless of whether you want to hire a rental truck or a van from a reputable provider, we are available. And even if you’re looking for movers in Malaysia or just looking for cheap relocations in Kuala Lumpur, you do not need to go anywhere, we can provide you with good moving services directly to your door. Contact us today to find the truck rental you need in Malaysia.

We also offer different varieties of trucking services to meet our client needs, also we offer to manage your supply chain, which runs from warehousing to distribution. This supply chain services offered by us can help your process run smoothly and economically without stress.

We also make sure in our power to provide unparalleled service and integrity to our customers. We use our resources, skills, and abilities to achieve our goals and know that we want our clients to know that we will continue to be a successful transportation service provider.